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Vans "No Other Way"
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Vans "No Other Way"

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

These days you'll be hard pressed not to be blown away by some new kid on the block throwing him/her self down the next biggest stairs, grinding further than any other or inventing a combo you couldn't muster on EA skate. 
Well to no suprise it's happened yet again, only this time we think it literally is just about with in the realms of what is physically possible to accomplish on a skateboard. 
Vans pro's Kyle Walker and Elijah Berle take skateboarding to a p-take level to which we have never seen, accompanied by a number of the Vans fully established riders such as Ave, Geoff Rowley, Chima Furguson and more.

Click the play button and prepare to be blown away.
P.s. the last trick will have you skipping back on repeat...


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