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Nike SB Welcome Lacey Baker to the Team
Nike SB Welcome Lacey Baker to the Team
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Nike SB Welcome Lacey Baker to the Team

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

The internet blew up the other month with Lacey Bakers "My World" Part, and rightly so! With her unique style and prowess on a skateboard, I can see why she made such huge waves.

There is a lot of words thrown around about female skateboarders, most of them very derogatory, with a very strong "Girls vs Boys" feel to it. I think we live in a day now that you should be able to watch a section, and just watch it for what it is, somebody doing what they love and what they have worked hard for.

From her hard work though, Lacey has now been added to the Nike SB family, and now with Leticia Bufoni and herself, Nike have 2 of the most stylish women on a skateboard.

Now with Nike SB backing her, it will be interested to see where she goes from here.

So sit back and enjoy this little clip from Nike SB and Lacey Baker…

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