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Pete Eldridge: The Route One Interview
Pete Eldridge: The Route One Interview
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Pete Eldridge: The Route One Interview

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

When word first reached us that the main crux of the international adidas team were to be venturing to our shores, for a trip down Southbank, we immediately drew up a wish list of people we wanted to sit down and interview. Top of the pile was legendary East Coast ripper, New Jersey’s own Pete Eldridge.

Having ridden for the likes of Stereo, Zoo York, Bootleg, Mystery and now Cliché, as well as working construction, Pete is the architype hard working East Coast ripper. Having grown up under the wing of the legendary Ricky Oyola, learning from his cop dad and skating Philly at its peak, Pete really has lived and tells all in this exclusive interview.

Having spent a great deal of the early 00’s in the UK Pete was glad to be back and reminisced about those days and much more besides. Click play to hear wise words from a true skateboarding original.

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