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Rowley Guest Model On Toy Machine
Rowley Guest Model On Toy Machine
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Rowley Guest Model On Toy Machine

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • geoff rowley guest pro model skate toy machine

If this one isn't a deck for the wall hangers we don't know what is! 

When Geoff Rowley first ventured stateside over twenty years ago and took those initial tentative steps into Huntington Beach, the undeniable home of skateboarding in that era, he gratefully found himself mentored by the one and only Ed Templeton. Now, two and a half decades later, with a friendship that has stood the test of time, Geoff has been granted a temporary home at the irrepressibly radical Toy Machine with Ed seeing fit to celebrate this fleeting occasion with a guest deck that couldn't possible be more sick.

As Rowley himself mentions in the video, back in 1992 Ed was riding for a brand called Television and the board he turned up with to skate a rained out Liverpudlian demo shined so brightly in the eyes of young Geoff that, 26 years on, this is the graphic he's chosen as his own to represent their friendship and what Ed's influence means to him. 

Will you be able to get your hands on the deck or will it even make it onto these shores? As much as we'd like to presume yes, we genuinely can't say for certain right now. However we can offer you the chance to see two of the old guard still hold their own and prove yet again that they've still got what it takes. The clip might only be a smidge over a minute long but the stoke it's given us has lasted most of the week. We imagine it may well do the same for you!

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