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T-Funk 'VXtinct'

Jun 2017 by Route One

Tristan Funkhouser brings the funk with this brand new part, from homie video 'VXtinct', hosted as ever by good folk over at Thrasher magazine.

As the guys at the mag rightfully point out, most of the time big name footage appearing in "mate's productions" generally consists of throw away clips and token trickery as a respectful nod to their roots. Not so with your boy T-Funk, who maintains the same full throttle attack that has cemented him as a stand out member of the highly respected Baker and DC squads.

Filmed strictly VX as the name suggests and containing more hammers than your local branch of B&Q, this for the homies footage but keeping things strictly business. You really can't go wrong with that kind of combination!

Tristan Funkhouser's

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