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The Benefits Of Working In The Industry
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The Benefits Of Working In The Industry

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Are you one of those guys or girls that love skateboarding but realistically isn’t ever going to be any good at it? Let’s be fair, that’s the majority of us and it certainly includes our filmer Alex Winstanley. He’d be the first to admit that his skills are somewhat lacking but he’s worked hard to get a career in skateboarding because he loves it and with that comes certain benefits. Maybe an occasional free board, perhaps a bit of a discount here and there or it might just be the opportunity to write the weekly news section for the Route One blog thus meaning the opportunity to include his own scene video with the rest of the past seven day’s highlights!

Featuring Alex himself plus the likes of Josh ‘Manhead’ Young, Doug McLaughlan, Stu Graham and more, this is a true mates vid with sketchy camera work and dubious music choices – exactly the way it should be when the onus is on simply having fun!

Caught in a Jar a Skateboarding video by blacklisted

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