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The Good Egg

Feb 2018 by Route One

Back in 2011 John Rattray lost his sister to depression. Last year he felt strong enough to help out the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), a group partly responsible for reducing the suicide rate in Scotland by 17% over the past ten years.

Inspired by his cousin's hard work, John not only wanted to set up a 'Just Giving' page but also spur people to donate by raising awareness the best way he knew how; bike rides and skateboarding. After the initial target of $1000 was broken within the first 24 hours John was left in little doubt the importance of this mission and set about organising the logistics of an 89 mile trip from Portland to Lincoln City (and motivate himself to relearn eggplants upon his arrival).

Chaperoned by the perma-stoked John Cardiel and determined to raise the profile of a hugely worthwhile cause, John's ride proved to be a huge success (though it took him a little longer to get a sketchy eggplant down than he'd initially hoped) and the excursion raised over $4000. Thrasher have just hosted a short film, accompanied by an introductory interview, and we implore you give it a watch and remember that though it can sometimes be a serious world out there, something as simple as skateboarding (and a bike ride) can do a whole lot of good in the right hands.

Check out the full article and video here.

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