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Haslam 2up

Feb 2018 by Route One

Chris Haslam goes full Joe Moore and channels his inner two wheeled Whitkirk wiggler for the 2018 incarnation of the Berrics' infamous manual competition '2up.'

Taking the already non standard obstacles to previously unconsidered combinations, former Almost pro Chris offers a bona fide mind scrambler of take on the idea of wheelie based skateboarding combos. Such is the level of unorthodox thinking on display here, it's pretty safe to say Haslam's retirement from the professional ranks has proven rather conducive to freeing up his inner creativity!

Opening proceedings with a suitably sketchy-cum-bonkers manny scenario and only building the level of tech as the clip continues, it's great to see our favourite Canadian of Rotherham descent still kick it at the highest level.

Keep it up Chris, at this rate you'll be featuring on the Anyskate insta by Christmas! 

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