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Sep 2021 by Route One

You know where you are with an Emerica video and that's what makes them so enjoyable. Stoner Rock? Check. Massive handrails? Check. Green filter pre-set courtesy of Jon Miner's Mac Book Pro? You know it!

Following on from last year's Green, Dakota Servold and Jon Dixon's double header, Miner revives the "sandwich" approach of two full sections (this time the irrepressible pairing of Collin Provost and Justin 'Figgy' Figueroa) and a smattering of team hammers in the middle, serving to celebrate the current team's talents.

Showcasing recent Route One Interviewee Chris Wimer's first outing as an official team member, as well as yet more wallie centric brilliance from the forever young Kevin 'Spanky' Long, 'This' entertains from start to finish.

After 25 years in business Emerica knows exactly what it's doing, click play now to see the seminal brand at the top of its game!

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