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Chris Ballie

Chris Ballie



Chris Ballie rides for our Glasgow flow team.
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Where is your favourite skate spot?
La Casita DIY in Malaga, Wonderland Bowl in CPH, Macbarn

Your favourite skate shoe?
Anything Slip-On

Favourite board graphic?
Anti-Hero Eagle, Zero OG Skull

Where is the best place you've visited through skateboarding?
Anywhere and everywhere, anywhere in Portugal is always fun, Malaga is always a good time too. I love the sun!

Your favourite skater with style?
Jamal Smith

Favourite musician/band?
That one Cher song

Favourite TV show?
Hardy Bucks

What do you do outside of skating?
Harass Ross Zajak
Drink fine wine

What would you say is the your most definitive moment in life so far?
Teaching Skateboarding
Beating Ross Zajac at skate


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