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Emily Hicks

Emily Hicks



Emily is the latest rider to join the Cardiff store flow, joining in summer 2020. Caerphilly born Emily has been skating since she was 12, riding sketchy welsh council metal ramps for most of her teenage life.
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Route One (Shop) and Hobo Jack Skateboarding

Where is your favourite skate spot?
Port Talbot drains – ropey but fun

Your favourite skate shoe?
Adidas Superstars (currently – it changes all the time)

Favourite board graphic?
Probably any Thames deck

Where is the best place you've visited through skateboarding?
This question made me realise I've only ever skated in the UK – this needs to change!

Your favourite skater with style?
Blondey McCoy (I am a fan girl)

Favourite musician/band?
This is hard! My music taste ranges from literally The Beach Boys to Tyler, The Creator

Favourite TV show?
I'm a sucker for reality TV shows. Literally, anything from King of the Road to Love Island (don't judge me)

What do you do outside of skating?
I'm a graphic designer – other than that I like playing games!

What would you say is the your most definitive moment in life so far?
Starting up my own business in 2016!


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