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Route One Edinburgh

Our store is situated just off the main shopping street in Edinburgh City Centre, which is filled with the best stores, restaurants and bars, sitting a 5 minute walk away from Edinburgh Castle . Edinburgh is a great city with an awesome skate scene, rich in history from the castle and tourism but also skate history. The biggest skate spot is Bristo Square, its been a hub for locals for many many years and is still very current.

The staff here all skate and are constantly out skating the streets or local parks after work and on their days off. If you’re looking for ideas for skate spots, or need advice on picking up your first board, just pop in and say hey! 

Our Store, Staff & Community

Our Store, Staff & Community

Skate fashion is really popular with us and our regular customers really love our skate shoe collection, with popular brands Thrasher, Nike Sb, Sussy and Route One brands flying off our shelves recently. We’re also super into sneakers, keep an eye out on our instagram for exclusive drops and reviews.

The biggest spot in the city is Bristo Square, this has been a hub for locals for many many years and still super popular. Edinburgh has a number of concrete parks surrounding the city including Saughton skate park / new Portobello skate park, plus local DIY spots and Mini ramp, built by the skateboard community.

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