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Tommy Corbridge

Tommy Corbridge



Tommy Corbridge is our newest member of the London shop team and we could not be more hyped! With a deep bag of technical ledge tricks and manuals, Tommy is a heavy hitter in the London skate scene. Don't be fooled though, Tommy is no stranger to jumping down gaps or hitting a handrail at full speed.
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Where is your favourite skate spot?

My favourite spot will always be the Buszy in Milton Keynes! It’s where I grew up skating since I was 10 or 11 years old and who doesn’t love a ledge plaza!?


Your favourite skate shoe?

My favourite shoe to skate is definitely a Nike SB dunk however blazers are a close second!


Where is the best place you've visited through skateboarding?

Skateboarding has taken me to so many amazing places already but if I had to pick Barcelona is always incredible and I try to go as often as possible, and last year I went to Prague for the first time and it has to be one of my favourite cities for street skating and the architecture there!


Your favourite skater with style?

I’m a massive fan of the 90’s so my favourite style today probably has to be Tiago Lemos as I love his laid back, but powerful and technical style.

All-time favourites have to be Paul Rodriguez, Stevie Williams, Andrew Reynolds and PJ Ladd as I grew up watching the Baker videos, girl and chocolate, and wonderful horrible life were all on repeat before going skating!


Favourite musician/band?

Now this is a hard one for me as there’s so many and I listen to so much different music! I grew up listening to rock and metal and then got more into other styles of music as I got older and listen to mostly hip hop nowadays. I’d say my favourite hip hop artists are Biggie and Kendrick Lamar. In terms of heavier bands I love Malevolence, a band from Sheffield and Mastodon if I had to narrow it down, also got to shout out my best mates Tom, and Tyler’s band Tuskar who just released their debut album and are killing it at the moment!


Favourite TV show?

Top Boy season 3 just been confirmed and I’m hyped


What do you do outside of skating?

I’ve played guitar in metal bands for almost as long as I’ve been skating and have a degree in music production so outside of skating I enjoy writing and recording music. I haven’t played live since lockdown in 2020 so that’s something I’m looking to get back to at some point too.

Other than that I love tattoos and cooking good food!

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