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Vincent Aubert



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Dream Spot?

slappy curb made from ice with an Manny pad, and to finish it off a nice seven stair with a mellow rail for me to try learn tricks on but not be scared to sack :joy:

Go-To Trick 

im so boring but its a tre flip but i promise i do other tricks. granted nothing feel better than a stomped switch front shove

Hobbies Outside of skateboarding?

when I'm not skating you will usually find me in the middle of the road on my fixed gear on the way to play snooker. Really gotten in to snooker of the last few months and its becoming an issue (fanatically 

Who influences you the most in skateboarding?

My mate Parry (@leaky_bonjela) is one of the madest c*nts to skate with and feeding off that energy is just so fun! For sure gets the session going, first on the board, last off it! If everyone was like Parry this world would be a much better place. 


What was the last song you listened too?

"Straight From France"  Soul Vibes Sound System! Banger lol


Favourite Route One Rider?

Tony from Glasgow! Met him in London and he's a shredder! Full send, doesn't stop, and he sparks too! All around sickness.


If you had three wishes, what would they be? 

Number one, no sciatica. Its a pain in my arse (literally). Number two, wheels that don't wear down! Nothing worse than being on bearing covers! And finally, I just want to be driving a Triumph GT6 in the alps. That would be nice, hopefully a stunner in the passenger seat but I have ran out of wishes :joy:

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