Best of 2015: Adidas Civil Liberty

Posted by Route One on 30th December 2015

Wrapping up our look back over 2015 was a hard choice, much like it is every year! Whilst going through the archives there were many stand out articles that we could have easily justified resharing with you; Harry Lintell’s amazing Volcom part, Mike Arnold in ‘Alfresco’, our own exclusive series of interview with everyone from Gino to Rodney - 2015 has been a hell of a year…

But, as with all things, a decision had to be made so we gave the honours of choosing the last clip to our in house filmer; to be as big as skateboarding is in 2015 the scene relies upon those unsung heroes behind the camera to capture all the action and few are producing content as beautiful as adidas’ Chris Mulhern.

Having cut his teeth with Habitat and built up a tremendous working relationship with Saratoga to Philly transplant Mark Suciu, Chris was given the enviable task of producing the accompanying clip to the announcement of Mark’s first pro shoe. Put simply it is the most beautiful skateboarding clip we’ve seen this year, even including Russell Houghten’s breath taking work.

If you have any interest in filming skateboarding you could do a lot worse than study the portfolio of Chris Mulhern.