Blind 'For Days'

Posted by Route One on 14th November 2017

Well excuse us for being a little stoked on this one, but when you see it contains openers from our boy Sam Beckett we reckon you'll understand why! 

We welcomed Vans ripper Sam to our ranks back in 2013 and it's fair to say his career has gone stratospheric in the intervening years. The first UK rider to land a 720 on vert, an X Games gold and a pro board on the illustrious Blind Skateboards team means Sam mixes in the highest of circles these days; the honour of opening up this brand new video is surely only the latest success in a lifetime of achieving greatness! 

Sam's transition hammers are not the only highlight to the clip though, don't be fooled for a second. You know the Blind team is as stacked as they come and TJ Rogers, Morgan Smith, Sewa Kroetkov, Cody Mac et al bring that A grade goodness you've come to expect. Then you've got Japanese wunderkind Yuto Horigome closing up the vid; oh my day does this young lad rip! 

There's no hiding from the fact Blind has gone through many ups and downs in its long and illustrious life but we reckon it's pretty safe to say that this modern incarnation (with our boy Sam holding it down) is definitely as interesting as it's been for many a year. This promo vid has been on repeat for us all weekend and we're sure it's gonna stay bookmarked for quite some time to come!