David Hafsteinsson 'Ditch Part'

Posted by Route One on 27th September 2016

Have you ever dreamt longingly about those insane drainage ditches that are seemingly  found around every corner in the United States? Endless configurations of massive banks and unlimited carves offering boundless opportunities for fun, creativity and one hell of a good time?

Icelandic bank aficionado David Hafsteinsson (try saying that with a mouthful of putrefied shark meat!)  found the pull of the concrete culvert too strong to ignore and ventured stateside with adventure in his heart. The resulting footage from his travels only serves to whet our appetites even more, showing that there is indeed gold in those hills - it's just grey and used to drain excess water!

The skating itself is genuinely rad. Sure he loves a front rock as much as the next old guy and he takes a meaty slam or two but he does bring some stellar action to the table and has inspired us to check out skyscanner in the hopes of jetting out to join him. If a skate clip inspires you then it has done its job; David's ditch part has certainly done that!