Gilbert Crockett Quasi ‘Salt Life’ Part

Posted by Route One on 14th October 2015

And with one swift move baggy trousers are back on trend! Well, maybe the “Dadcore” look will take a little while to infiltrate the wardrobes of our Nation’s skate youth but there is one thing for certain and that’s that Quasi Skateboards’ Gilbert Crockett is a beast!

Of course you already knew that; his two song Vans Propeller section, released earlier this year, was ender worthy were it not for the triumphant swansong of AVE and his back catalogue of parts speaks for itself. Still, there’s nothing wrong with reiterating the fact and a kickflip that blasts way over a full size jersey barrier does just that.

THAT kickflip is far from being the only highlight too; in fact this is as hammer heavy a part as you are ever likely to see. Switch pop shuvits higher than your Gran? Yep, that’s the way it is. Get stuck in.