Jaws 25 Stair: Footage Online Now!

Posted by Route One on 12th February 2016

So, you've seen the cover and you've read Ali's reaction but now the real wait is over; watch below to see Jaws finally conquer Ali Boulala's Lyon 25 stair!!!

From Jamie Thomas' 'Leap of faith' to Ryan Sheckler's ill fated backslide flip attempt down El Toro; skateboarding has mile posts that lodge in the memory that little more vividly as they fell just out of grasp of those trying to tame them. Ali Boulala's legendary attempts at the end of Flip Skateboards' 2003 release 'Sorry' propelled him into skate folklore but now, thirteen years later, Birdhouse's Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki finally puts to rest the ghost of the Lyon 25 stair.

In a consolidated attack, brought together by the good folks at Thrasher Magazine, Aaron, his Dad, Ali himself and a crew big enough to fill a mini bus took to Lyon back in October with the sole aim of taming the beast. The rest, as they say, is history - watch it now...