Loud Headphones - Benefiting The Deaf & Hearing Impaired

Posted by Route One on 24th November 2015

Route One are proud to introduce Loud Headphones, a new cost effective audio option for your ears, created by professional skateboarder Mike Anderson and co-founder David Broach.

Set up back in 2013, Loud headphones was formed by a group of veteran travelers. More specifically, professional skateboarders, photographers, and videographers who have spent/are spending the majority of their careers away from home on the road in dirty vans, motels and planes travelling the globe.

With a goal to make headphones and other products to use while skating, traveling and generally relaxing, Loud understand the importance of a loud and comfy headphones. Having created a strong collection of high quality options that won’t break the bank in line with an impressive team that comprises of Mike Anderson, Marc Johnson, Mark Gonzales, Torey Pudwill, Jason Jessee, Silas Baxter Neal & Stefan Janoski to name but a few, Loud aim to promote, promote and you’ve guessed it, promote.

With a main objective above all else to start something that matters, Matt and David have most importantly managed to integrate a charitable business model into the foundation of the business, making a $1 donation to the ‘Let Them Hear Foundation’ for every pair of headphones sold. This donation benefits underprivileged deaf and hearing impaired American children.

For more information on the Let Them Hear Foundation and cochlear implants you can visit the Hear No Evil page on www.loudheadphones.com or on the direct site www.letthemhear.org for more information.

Hitting the right notes, Loud Headphones are available online now priced at £23.99 for the classic earbuds and £59.99 for the all new and highly anticipated and limited edition Bluetooth over-ear headphones which collaborate with giants of the industry, VOL. 4, Chocolate, Plan B & Krooked.