R1 Supra Sunday : Erik Ellington

Posted by Route One on 26th July 2014

Last summer Route One hung out with the Supra Skate Team in Berlin for a series of exclusive interviews and competitions called "R1 Supra Sunday". This year we hooked up with the team on their recent UK tour for Round Two!

Today we are proud to launch the first in our series of R1 Supra Sunday kicking off with Deathwish and Supra co-founder Erik Ellington .

For the next five weeks we’ll be bringing you exclusive in-depth interviews, with some of the biggest characters on the Supra team, every Sunday.

Each week there will also be a chance to win a pair of Supra shoes via the Route One Instagram page. This week you can win a pair of Erik’s signature shoe “The Ellington”. Simply re-post the image featured on the Route One Instagram page, using the relevant hashtag and a winner will be selected at random.

Part 2 coming next Sunday at Route One.