Rodney Mullen: The Route One Interview Pt.2

Posted by Route One on 10th December 2015

When we first heard mumblings of a planned Globe tour earlier this year we daren’t hold our breath in anticipation of the possible names that were going to be involved. No matter how many skateboarding stars you get to interview, or demos you get to film, there are certain people that are so high on your wish list you barely dare think about the possibility of meeting them in fear of jinxing it.

So, when we found out that Rodney Mullen was not only going to be joining his Globe Footwear  cohorts in London but he had in fact agreed to spend a few minutes with us; well, words cannot describe the excitement we felt!

We honestly thought that we’d be lucky to get five minutes in his company but because he is quite possibly the politest, most humble human being we’ve ever had the good grace to spend time with (and because he loves to chat!), we are able to proudly present this second part in our exclusive interview.

Having discussed his involvement Globe, Tony Hawk’s wedding and filming with Mike Ternasky in part one, Almost founder Rod now chats about his horrific injury, motivational speaking and how World Industries was formed on the money of a “real deal” loan shark.

There’s nothing much more to say other than thanks Rodney, getting to chat with you was a dream come true!