Sunland: We Are New Balance Alphanumeric

Posted by Route One on 21st May 2015

Released exclusively over on The Berrics website, this stunningly shot piece by HD filmer extraordinaire Russell Houghten is as beautiful a crafted web clip as you are ever likely to see.

Never mind the fact that this New Balance ad features the immense talents of PJ Ladd, Arto Saari, Tom Karangelov & Levi Brown (to name but a few, this is being hailed as about as “simple” yet perfect a skate clip as one could make and it is easy to see why. Hollywood level cinematography combined the talents of the aforementioned crew, all over seen by Russell’s creative genius is the ultimate winning formula and both skate geeks and film making aficionados will certainly be re-watching this clip for weeks and months to come.

That said, even if you couldn’t give two hoots about how well a clip is put together there is much for you to enjoy within; not least PJ’s line that has us foaming at the mouth for his rumoured Plan B part that never saw the light of day in ‘True’ – come on PJ, your public needs you!