The Connoisseur of Quality

Posted by Route One on 22nd July 2015

Well, if this amazing clip from the great folk at Lovenskate isn’t the best thing on the internet this week then we don’t know what is!

It’s not often you’ll see a skateboarding brand’s advertisement not actually contain any actual skateboarding, rarer still one that’s eight minutes long and a work of pure genius! The Connoisseur of quality is here to take you behind the scenes of Lovenskate’s screen printed artisan operation and does so with the utmost comedy timing – if chav Dan’s second punch of the board doesn’t leave you in hysterics you best speak to the doctor about your missing funnybone!

We really can’t speak highly enough of this, nor the products on offer. If you‘re looking for a new deck and really want to support British industry at its best then look no further, if you just want a laugh then you’ve come to the right place as well…