Vans Shop Riot!

Posted by Route One on 18th June 2014

This past weekend saw shop teams from around the country descend onto a the north western market town of Warrington to skate the absolutely fantastic Ramp 1 Skate Park, all with an eye on qualifying for the Vans Shop Riot Euro final later in the year (and maybe win a few quid too).

Obviously the Route One team was in attendance (featuring Nick, Nicky, Manhead and Doug) and they battled it out bravely against eventual winners Lost Art plus the likes of Black Sheep, Skate Pharmacy, City Surf, Welcome, Focus and other retailers from the length and breadth of this fair isle.

Although it is said often it has to be reiterated that these skate park events are the backbone of the British scene and represent the very best of not only the talent but the camaraderie on offer. When you have team riders from 20 different shops all celebrating like crazy because Lost Art’s Tom Knox hasn’t missed a trick for over three minutes, you know you’re part of something special…