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Adidas : Raul Navarro
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Adidas : Raul Navarro

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Barcelona: For well over a decade it has been considered THE place for street skating.  The endless marble and granite, the Mediterranean climate, the Catalonian attitude to life – it has it all.  Well before the world became savvy to this information and many years prior to German travel companies taking thousands of children on package skate holidays, the locals of Barcelona were discovering the gems of their city left over after the mass of expansion due to the 1992 Olympic games. One of these chaps was Raul Navarro, the ‘Mayor of Barcelona’. Adidas have just seen fit to give Raul his first pro shoe and this accompanying clip shows just why it is well overdue – the first three tricks alone will leave your jaw on the floor…

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