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Anders Nordlow: Street Boy

Mar 2016 by Route One

Most skate videos are pretty standard, though undeniably rad, and feature your favourite pro/am/whoever knocking out their latest hot moves to a soundtrack that represents their interests in music. There are, however, alternatives…

Patrick O’Dell’s ‘Epically Later’d’ assumed the mantle of the ‘skateumentary’ after the demise of ‘On Video’ and has subsequently inspired a great deal of folk to take a more in depth look into the lives behind the skateboarders that excite them. New York’s Ben Duffy is one of these and his latest piece, chronicling the life so far of LA native Anders Nordlow, is as touching as it is informative.

Like a great number of people Anders lives with autism and finds expression of himself through the time he spends on his board. A double ankle injury nudged him down a certain creative path and now he’s pushing the boundaries of what is possible to incredible new heights.

If ever a video showed the strength one can achieve through skateboarding this is it. Watch it to see a man deal with his demons, watch it to see the love of a mother for her son or simply watch it for some bloomin’ amazing skateboarding – just make sure you watch it!

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