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Chaz Ortiz CHIAMI
Chaz Ortiz CHIAMI
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Chaz Ortiz CHIAMI

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  • By Route One
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Who knew Zoo York was still a thing!?! Well obviously it is; the guys have been holding the East Coast scene for two and a half decades but, in this throwaway era we find ourselves in today, it's easy to sleep on a brand if they aren't constantly whoring themselves out into our news feeds and we guess that's why Zoo had slipped our mind of late.

But hey, never mind that, Chicago wunderkind turn grown-ass man Chaz Ortiz is back with a new clip to remind us not to forget about Zoo and not to forget about him either. After a couple of near career ending injuries, it's heartening to see the young lad back, smashing it more than ever and he certainly shows that here!

Filmed between the cities of Chicago and Miami (amalgamated to produce the title), Chaz mixes hot and cold to produce the kind of text book trick stomping we've known all these years. Basically the boy has still got it so if you're a fan you really should get on this!

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