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Check Out: Roman Pabich
Check Out: Roman Pabich
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Check Out: Roman Pabich

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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Two minutes of completely new footage from Welcome Skateboards' baby-faced ATV assassin Roman Pavich, courtesy of the good folk over at Transworld Mag? Don't mind if we do!

Those of you who remember the heady days of print, when paper was king and magazines relied on photography to showcase industry up and comers, will no doubt recall Transworld's 'Check Out' section near the back of the mag. If you had any dreams of making it big in skateboarding, you simply had to get yourself a 'Check Out' and you had to make a splash. Nowadays the format may have changed but the premise remains the same - get yourself featured and get yourself known!

That's exactly what Ocean City, Maryland local Roman is doing right here: bringing his A Game into that industry window and pimping his wares appropriately. And oh what wares they are! Rails, gaps and pools get seen off with absolutely no messin' - click play to see a young lad doing it right...

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