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Chris Haslam Pro Spotlight
Chris Haslam Pro Spotlight
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Chris Haslam Pro Spotlight

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Almost skateboards’ nomadic Canadian tech lord Chris Haslam has the honour of the latest ‘Pro Spotlight’ interview over on the Transworld website and has released a full section to coincide with this.

The levels of technical prowess the bearded Canuck displays are simply mind boggling these days. Factor in that Chris is now very much the wrong side of thirty, yet is still putting out simply baffling NBDs, and you have to say he truly has reached legendary status.

The interview that the part accompanies sees the long-time Globe Shoes ambassador talks at length with Makenzie Eisenhour, discussing everything from trying to become a permanent US citizen to his favourite incarnation of Daewon. Combined with the vid this is definitely a ‘tea and two biscuits’ job so get the kettle on, break out the hobnobs and settle down for a great read and an even greater video part.

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