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TJ Rogers Blind 2x Vison Part

Feb 2015 by Route One

Blind Skateboards’ TJ Rogers had one of the stand out sections of 2014 with his 2x Vision part and the Dwindle boys have seen fit to release it as a standalone section online as part of their ‘Damn Sundays’ series.

The Ride Channel boys get the privilege of hosting this one and it is still as bonkers on its second viewing, the young Canadian went pro shortly after its release and it is easy to see why: steering clear of the latest trends or trying to style it out falsely, he simply gets out there and destroys it. Always a good way to go about things!

Blind have a history of turning some of the greatest names to ever grace a skateboard pro so we’re sure there’ll be a heck of a lot more to come from TJ, in the meantime get dug into this part again and enjoy some plain and simple rad skateboarding.

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