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Dragon Alliance #WeAreFrameless World Tour I Austria

Dec 2014 by Route One

The Dragon Alliance are back with the #WeAreFrameless Tour, only this time… they’ve gone global!

In early November every chance you get to go snowboarding is a blessing, even if it is just a PVC pipe propped up in the backyard. Austrians cherish the same outlook only their early season set up includes a 70 foot jump. Watch as the crew crosses the pond, crash lands through foreign customs, discovers creative features and makes new friends every step of the way!

Over the course of the next month the #WeAreFrameless Tour will makes it’s way from Austria to Oregon with four stops and five edits along the way.

Featuring riders such as the legend Gigi Ruf, sick US riders such as Forest Bailey, Tommy Gesme and Spencer Schubert whilst also being joined by UK ripper little Will Smith!

We've got a massive range of all the goggles this boys are rocking including the all new APX2, the NFX and NFXs and a load more here!

#WeAreFrameless World Tour | Austria from DRAGON ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

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