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Get Lesta: Last Orders

Jan 2018 by Route One

It'd take an extra special type of sour faced cynic to not be stoked on the amazing back catalogue of work Callun Loomes and the amazing 'Get Lesta' crew have produced over the years, so we reckon at least 99.99% of the UK skate scene must be super hyped to see that their latest offering 'Last Orders' was released online in its entirety yesterday!

 And whilst you no doubt caught the definite highlights of James Bush and Charlie Munroe's mind blowing sections through Thrasher at the back end of last year, there's a hell of a lot more to this most recent release than just those two (plus, you gotta admit those parts are defo worthy of a rewatch right about now!).

 Released through Rohum Pourtahmasbi's 'Grey Sky Cinema' channel and featuring everyone from Rianne Evans to Kris Vile, this fifth full length from the crew builds on their previous work and proves that the DIY ethos, making things happen through the paired combination of a load of hard work and sack full of passion, is alive and well in the UK skate scene. That's something we all should all be mighty proud of.

 Keep up the amazing work boys and girls, you're bloomin' smashing it!

Get Lesta - Last Orders (2017) | Full Movie from Grey Sky Cinema on Vimeo.

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