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Panda Patrol: Blue Turner

Feb 2018 by Route One

Enjoi's thoroughly enjoyable Panda Patrol series is back after its two month Christmas and New Year hiatus, and it returns with a bang in the form my boy Blue ('Old School' reference there for those that know) Turner.


As always the clip kicks off with a montage of brand new team footage, interspliced with vintage ads and that classic Enjoi humour; the Zack Wallin and Jackson Pilz skit is definitely as surreal as they come!

However, it's when title boy Travis (Blue to his mates) takes the screen that this latest episode really hots up. The Sacramento local isn't afraid of hitting up the roughest spots and manipulating his frame through some rather awkward architectural scenarios; if you like your skateboarding to be performed on the edge and out of the ordinary then Enjoi once again proves it has just the goods for you!

Check it out here!

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