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Girl x Volcom 'Pretty Stoned'
Girl x Volcom 'Pretty Stoned'
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Girl x Volcom 'Pretty Stoned'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
Girl Skateboards continues its oh-so-welcome renaissance in this thoroughly entertaining collab trip with the almighty Volcom Clothing. Featuring the synergised squad of Simon Bannerot, Niels Bennet and Manchild, alongside recent Route One interview star Griffin Gass, this tour vid reminds us just what we've all been missing this year, what with road trips and team tours being strictly off the menu.
It also remind us, as if it were actually needed, that Simon Bannerot is one of the most exciting talents the skate world has seen in a very long time. Now of course everyone is good these days, half the kids down your local two stair are as good as upper echelon pro's were back in the day, but then there's that wizard level to which very few belong. And when Simon is standing out in a line up that includes the afore mentioned talent, as well as legends like the two Ricks, messers Howard and McCrank, it's safe to say he's now ascended to that elevation.
Slamdunking a basketball whilst wallriding one second, clearing dirt table tops the next, it seems young Mr Bannerot can do anything he pleases. Which right now seems to be destroying it for Girl, which pleases us! And we're sure that if you watch this video it'll most likely please you - that's a whole lot of pleasing all from the feet of one man. And that's all we have to say about that!

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