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Thank You 'HOA'

Nov 2020 by Route One
You know the term "street skating?" Well, it's a tad disingenuous these days, wouldn't you say? Half the time it's car parks, school yards, shopping plazas and (if you're lucky) concrete drainage ditches. The amount of time skating actual, normal streets is pretty minimal, which is why seeing Daewon and T-Puds doing it properly in this 'Skate & Create' piece is so enthralling.
Skating actual suburban streets, utilising kerb cuts and "normal" architecture to the best of their ability, this cameo scattered contribution to the classic Transworld competition really makes you want to get out and skate down the street where you live (obviously avoiding HGVs and busses as best you can!).
Click play to see two of the best in the biz take skateboarding back to its roots and back to the (actual) streets; clips rarely get more entertaining than this!

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