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Jim Greco: The Way Out
Jim Greco: The Way Out
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Jim Greco: The Way Out

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Jim Greco went sober in 2003. Throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s, as part of the hedonistic Warner Avenue crew, later to become the infamous Piss Drunx, Jim took partying to such an extreme that the regaled tales of his then idols started to appear pale in comparison.

Now, with twelve years of sobriety under his belt, Jim shares with us a cinematographic representation of the past two years of his life and what it means to him to live without stimulants or sedatives.

Some people may see this as a touch narcissistic, others may well call into question the voyeuristic nature of the intro, capturing the descent of those who have not had the strength to fight back. Regardless of the naysayers, this is simply fantastic in so many levels; whether it instills in you the desire to not make the same teenage mistakes Jim did or if you simply take enjoyment from seeing some amazing skateboarding performed by fully grown men – this is one of the best things you will see in 2016. Bravo Jim, bravo.

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