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Leo Favaro 'Spiritulized'

Jan 2022 by Route One

Just when you thought the Polar Big Boy trend had reached its peak and trouser sizes were due a return to "normal," up pops Leo Favaro and market confidence in JNCO stock goes through the roof!

Looking as though he just spent the weekend at an Insane Clown Posse convention, Brazilian sensation Leonardo doesn't let his pantaloon fixation affect his skateboarding prowess, as the switch front crooks hardflip out opener in this new clip for Pocket Mag illustrates.

Quickly nicknamed Pants McGee by message room aficionados, it's no exaggeration to say Leo is one hell of a smooth operator. Every trick in this Leonardo Beazotto crafted part is executed to perfection and it's hard to think of many other people making skateboarding look this beautiful right now. Just a shame for Leo himself as there's no way he can see what's going on under those king-size britches!

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