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How is This a Skatepark?
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How is This a Skatepark?

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • Bronson Video

A few years ago, shortly before its demise, Sidewalk Magazine's website ran a thoroughly engaging series by the name of 'Raiders of the Lost Park.' The concept was simple, take a group of skaters (some sponsored, some distinctly average) and hit up some of the absolute worst council skateparks various parts of England had shamefully produced.

Whilst this Bronson sponsored David Gravette visit to Camas Skatepark in Washington can't hold a flame to Nunroyd's metal monstrosity or Fartown's glass covered tarmac, the concept is still every bit as enjoyable and fully deserves eight minutes of your attention

See David is a pure skate rat, and a cynical old sod to boot, which makes his sarky shredding in the pouring rain an absolute must-see skate content. Honestly, it's flabbergasting just how well he manages to skate the truly treacherous training facility, whilst painfully mocking his own failings throughout, all the while wetter than an otter's pocket...

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