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Levis 'Here and There'

May 2018 by Route One

Though many were initially skeptical when Levis first officially entered the skate market a few years back, it's safe to say we were pretty confident they were gonna do things right. Already the jean of choice for millions of skaters world wide, the denim manufacturer took a leaf out of a certain footwear brand's book, hooking up legit "skater's skaters" and not necessarily jumping into big money contracts with the biggest names right from the off.


This latest clip sees European brand representatives, including the immensely talented pairing of Charlie Munroe and Manny Lopez, celebrate the launch of the 2018 Spring/Summer collection with a quick trip to Napoli, experiencing the sights, sounds and (for the first time in 40 years) snowfall along the way!


As with all Levis promotional material, this is exceptionally well put together and the skating is top notch. As is the collection to be honest; Levis don't mess about, whether it be making their world famous jeans or putting out a skate clip, so check out the shredding then check out the collection - neither will leave you disappointed...

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