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Reynolds Insta-Remix
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Reynolds Insta-Remix

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • andrew reynolds insta-remix Skate

Whilst the rough cut was defo the de rigeur alternative to the full part in the 10’s, the popularity of the Insta remix has certainly been snapping at its heels of late and with Suciu’s amazing ‘Story Edit’ closing off 2019 in the way it did we can only see this type of ‘clip collection’ going from strength to strength in the years ahead.


After all, think about it logically; sure we all follow our favourite pros, liking every clip and trying to watch every story, but sometime you miss a few things or your feeds just so busy that you glaze over and really don’t pay proper attention. That’s where a ‘year in review’ Insta remix comes in (and why we’re loving this Reynolds clips so much!).


There’s a load of footy we’ve seen before, some we can’t remember and a fair bit we definitely haven’t laid eyes on. When we’re talking about somebody as good as the boss we wanna be able to enjoy this footy time and time again and this is wayyy better than scrolling back through a profile. Long may the trend continue!


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