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Gabriel Summers ‘Damn it All’
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Gabriel Summers ‘Damn it All’

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • damn it all gabriel summers Skate thrasher zero

A few months back Zero’s latest vid ‘Damn it all’ leaked on a “gentlemen’s website.” At the time we wrote about it (obviously we couldn’t really link it for you, after all, what would your parents or Mrs say!?!) we shared with you some classic zero action from the archives, expecting the release proper to happen any day. Then Suciu’s ‘Verso’ dropped and, alongside feedback from the p*rn site viewings, Jamie Thomas pulled the whole thing for a full on re-edit. Now, months later, the video has finally been released and Thrasher have the honour of hosting each of the parts for our viewing pleasure.


Truth be told, the whole thing is great and exactly as you’d expect; gnarly rails and gaps, that signature editing style, VX1000 camera work and a sound track about as far removed from mumble rap as it is possible to be (extra knucks to JT for the tribute to Hensley with the use of Operation Ivy, those that know will know!) Our favourite part however has to be the one from Gabriel Summers, which we’ve shared for you below.


Get involved now as very few people are putting their life on the line for skateboarding in this way nowadays, this is straight up mental!


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