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Todd Falcon - Journey To The Final Level
Todd Falcon - Journey To The Final Level
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Todd Falcon - Journey To The Final Level

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Skateboarding is a very individual mistress; for every kid out there in highwaters dreaming of wrapping an impossible over an overturned trashcan in Tompkins there's a middle aged guy listening to Wu Tang and wishing his feebles poked like Carroll's. There's punk rock kids tearing up whippy trannies learning approximations of inverts and there's Youtube followers lapping up the constant positivity of Andy Schrock and the Revive crew. Then you have Todd Falcon...

Todd Falcon is a law unto himself and quite possibly the greatest enigma of our time. He's also, for want of a less offensive term, quite obviously bonkers (but in the best possible way). This latest clip, from a man who is more than thirty years deep in the game, reaches levels of self indulgence not seen outside a Kanye video; honestly, having watched it about fifty times now, we're still not fully sure exactly what is going on.

What we are sure of though is that skateboarding is whatever you want it to be and so we feel we really should share every rad aspect of it - Todd Falcon may differ greatly from the badass-ness of Cardiel or the beautiful steeze of MJ but, in his own little way, he's every bit as important. Give this a watch, for some of you it's gonna be the best thing you'll ever see...

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