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RedBull Bowl Rippers - Marseille

Sep 2016 by Route One

Marseille is renowned for having held some of the gnarliest bowl contests to date, making some of the most influential skateboarders push them selves to become part of Marseille bowl history. With names such as John Cardiel, Bob Burnquist and Tony Trujillo earning themselves places in the hall of fame with the aid of the French Southern concrete crust...

So as you can imagine standing out against those caliber of skaters is no easy feat. But this year, RedBull held the "Bowl Rippers" contest which saw some of the best transition skaters from all over the world hoying themselves at a chance getting on the podium and earning some loot.
RedBull remodeled the already gnarly park with an extension along the back of the spine, tomb stone, hip bank extension and a crazy wave extension in to the deep end.

Route One rider and Blind skateboards pro Sam Beckett was obviously in attendance along with some other notable English heads, but unfortunately missed a spot on the podium.
Big congratulations to 1st place winner Robin Bolian, Alex Sorgente in 2nd and Danny Leon earning 3rd place.

Check the unofficial RedBull footage below for the gnarlyness that went down over the weekend!  

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