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Yoshi Tanenbaum 'Recruited'
Yoshi Tanenbaum 'Recruited'
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Yoshi Tanenbaum 'Recruited'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • recruited skate the berrics yoshi tanenbaum

The raddest named dude in the biz finally turns pro for Stereo at the end of this truly mind boggling 'Recruited' for the Berrics, and we have to say it's thoroughly deserved (and long overdue too)!



Sure, many people might point out that the lad has no switch game and in 1998, let alone 2018, that's almost unheard of for a pro. But that doesn't really matter, for where his ambidextrous abilities may be letting him down, the young man from Jerusalem brings the most insanely gnarly regular approach that you soon forget any supposed weakness in his trick armory.

The hammers come thick and fast in this. Not afraid to take an awkward line or step up his ramp tech to the biggest of quarters, Yoshi's 'Recruited' really is gonna blow minds and leave you wondering if there's anything the lad can't do. Well, apart from skate switch obviously!



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