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adidas 'Selva de Pedra'
adidas 'Selva de Pedra'
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adidas 'Selva de Pedra'

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  • By Route One
  • adidas selva de pedra Skate

Selva de Pedra was a black and white Brasillian telenovela (pretty similar to what we'd class as a Soap but instead tells a one-off, self-contained story) that ran for a couple of years in the early 70's. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the recently released adidas clip of the same name but we have to research these things so we thought we might as well drop that knowledge bomb on you, seeing as though we'd dug it up!

Our googling of the term soon led us to the translate function and that's where our investigation starts to make sense. The literal translation means 'Stone Jungle' and, when considering the video focuses on the numerous concrete and granite plazas of the Sau Paolo, it's not a massive leap to see where the team behind the clip drew their inspiration for the name!

Featuring Rodrigo, Magnus, Alec Majerus and more, the video was filmed as the crew were in town for the Das Days premiere and it does no harm at all in advertising the veritable ledge heaven that the Brasillian capital offers the travelling skateboarder. It also introduces us to the high popping talents of South American addidas flow rider Gui Silva, who wraps this up with two absolute face melters that have to be seen to be believed. Yep, a video with this level of talent is closed by somebody you've never heard of; that's how good this dude's trick are!



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