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Marieme Corlett



Marieme AKA Mars rides for our Edinburgh flow team.
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Routeone, Knatchbull

Where is your favourite skate spot?
Fife House is very sentimental to me to skate. I grew up in Glenrothes and that spot is where I learned everything I know. Other than that I love Transgression Park as because I work there, it's where I most get a chance to sesh. 

Your favourite skate shoe?
I got a set of State shoes that had so many layers to ware down they actually managed to last over a month of skating. Vans look great and you can feel the board. Or Nike sb Janoskis, I know its a cliche now but damn they are comfy to land on! I'm not fussy as long as I don't kick flip holes in my socks I'm happy. 

Favourite board graphic?
I love Lacey Bakers self designed leopard Meow Skateboards deck. It's the one they won the 2016 SLS with. Or anything with Aliens or Musical themes. 

Where is the best place you've visited through skateboarding?
Best would be Agora Skatepark in Barcelona. They held a couple SLS competitions here and it was a dream to have a skate there. It blew my mind seeing the obstacles which Nyjah Houston and other pros actually pulled off tricks on during those competitions. I also visited Venice Beach skatepark in L.A at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, didn't get a skate there but it was brilliant to see where some of my idols hang out. 

Your favourite skater with style?
Luan Oliveira. He's a machine. 

Favourite musician/band?
Depends how I'm feeling that day but ultimates would be Queen, Pink Floyd and Nina Simon. 

Favourite TV show?
30 Rock, Black Mirror and Last week tonight. I watch too much TV so narrowing that down to 3 was difficult! 

What do you do outside of skating?
I love all things musical. I studied Bass guitar and I play Guitar. I'm aiming to teach Music one day. I skate one day then I rest my legs with Guitar the next. I also love true crime and space docs. 

What would you say is the your most definitive moment in life so far?
Completing my degree and getting a job at the skatepark. The next one will be becoming a qualified secondary school teacher. Wish me luck! 


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