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adidas AwayDays London: Secret sessions
adidas AwayDays London: Secret sessions
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adidas AwayDays London: Secret sessions

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

adidas skateboarding’s ‘AwayDays’ premiere world tour rolled into London on Tuesday, bringing with them nigh on the entire team. Industry gatherings were followed by public signings and the long awaited screening of the main feature but, in between all that, a few of the guys couldn’t resist the draw of a roll around London’s hallowed streets!

Kicking things off behind the Carnaby St adidas store with a game of skate between Jake Donelly and Nakel Smith, followed by a seriously high barrier session that Tyshawn had to get in on, the action eventually moved south of the river to the world famous undercroft where Mark Suciu, Paul Shier and Daewon Song couldn’t resist a quick roll.

For those of a certain age Daewon is pretty much skate royalty and to witness his majesty first hand, although brief, has to be one of the highlights of our year so far. Click play to see what we saw!

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