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Almost 3AM
Almost 3AM
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Almost 3AM

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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An Almost video without Daewon or Rodney? Are you kidding us? That's exactly what we first thought when faced with this brand new clip, unexpectedly released with little fanfare over on Thrasher's Youtube yesterday. Then we watched it and it wasn't too long before the combined talents of Yuri Facchini, Tyson Bowerbank and Fran Molina left us saying "Daewon who?" (not really of course, that's just hyperbole, but it gets the point across that they certainly justify receiving their own little vid!).

Initially edited in a montage format before Yuri Facchini takes over, the sounds of classic Gangstarr accompanying his downright jaw dropping annihilation of every spot that comes into view, one thing is for certain; by the end of this we all "know his steez."

That's not to say Almeria's Fran Molina or SLC native Tyson Bowerbank disappoint; the skateboarding they showcase in the opening montage is everything you'd hope for and more, it's simply stating the obvious that Yuri brought the absolute fire when it came to filming for this. Press play now and all will become clear...

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