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Anti Hero X Volcom 'The Vickie Report'
Anti Hero X Volcom 'The Vickie Report'
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Anti Hero X Volcom 'The Vickie Report'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Thrasher magazine once again supplies us with the very best of the skate world's media output, this time in the form of the highly anticipated Anti Hero X Volcom featurette!

Combining resources (and team riders) from both camps, the cities New York and New Jersey get a proper old fashioned mauling from some of the rawest talents in the game. Grant Taylor? Daan Van Der Linden? Raney Beres? Chris Pfanner? With a crew rolling that deep you know it can't possibly fail to be one of the most exciting clips you'll see all summer.

And fail it doesn't. Right from the off this seven minute snippet of magnificence assaults your senses in the best ways possible; from the brutaly brilliant animated opening sequence, through the very first trick that takes the NYC staple of the 'bump to bar' to a whole other level, right to DVDL's continued skateboard annihilation - this is the very best of real skateboarding in 2016.

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